Fenty Gloss Bomb Review


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Recently, I purchased the Fenty Beauty: Universal Lip Luminizer Gloss Bomb (try saying that 3 times) in Diamond Milk. After my initial application, I was immediately brought back to my 7th grade blue eye shadow + frosted lips days. Even though I’m always trying to chase my youth, that was not the look I was going for #immediateregret. I went back to the mothership (Sephora) and exchanged Diamond Milk for Fenty Glow, a shimmering rose nude.

Rihanna claims this is the “unicorn of nudes, explosive shine, and nourishing wear” and what better place to try it out than a good ole family get together. I applied MAC “whirl” lip liner all over my lips and then topped them “Fenty Glow”.So then, the test began…

Something to note – it comes to planning parties in our family, the most important topic is liquor quantity and what to serve to sustain the masses. At my nephew’s ONE-derful Birthday Bash, we had to supply enough food to feed a small country and their neighboring territories. Our Menu was a mix of Lao/Thai/Viet cuisine with a special appearance of Que Viet’s famous eggrolls (shout out to Vy whoop whoop).

From eating sandwiches, stews, salads, desserts, I forgot I had any product on my lips. So the verdict? This Gloss Bomb definitely lived up to the hype. It was long-lasting, hydrating, smooth/not sticky, and I only applied another layer at 11pm to “freshen” up.

Throwing this gloss into my daily glam routine.

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