Genius Gourmet Spicy Nacho and Ranch Keto Chips Review

I recently purchased two cases of chips by Genius Gourmet–Spicy Nacho and Ranch cause they’ve been all the rage on Instagram. Y’all know I’m a sucker for salty snacks so I had to try these babies. To help you gauge my taste, I do like the Quest Tortilla Chips, Aldi Pork Rinds, Mushroom Crisps, and Lavash Chips for my kettle and corn tortilla chip replacements. There was a sale going on so each box was $23.92 for 8 bags of chips ($2.99) per 1.13oz bag, which is one serving.

Here are the macros:

Texture: exactly like a Quaker Rice Crisp and/or a Popcorners brand Flex Chip. 

Taste: The Spicy Nacho has like a 1 second hit of heat to it, but is mostly just cheesy with a hint of tomato powder. Definitely nacho vibes. The Ranch had a really off putting chemical taste but a decent sour cream and onion aftertaste. 

Value: You get about 10-12 chips per bag which I think is a little low for $3 a pop. The macros, specifically total carb count, are on point, so if you are a snacker and need something crunchy and salty to make it work into your carbs, they are worth it.

Final verdict: I would buy the Spicy Nacho again but NOT the Ranch. They both have a good crunch factor but the Ranch has an odor I can’t get over. If you are a fan of rice crisps, you’ll really like these chips. If you are expecting a dorito, you are not going to be impressed.

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