Keto Hacks Galore

One of the things that we love about the Keto lifestyle are the substitutions or modifications we can make that can realistically be sustained long term. Like will cauliflower rice ever be able to fill the void of jasmine rice for us? Probably not, but it serves its purpose as a flavor neutralizer underneath whatever flavorful dish is on top of it.

When we first started Keto, there weren’t many tips and tricks floating around at our disposal – luckily, we came across a super awesome Instagram account that offered many hacks to get us through this new way of eating. @ketohackershop is one of our favorite accounts to follow because the information is easy to process and it’s presented in a simple, yet effective way. We’ve noticed that people who are new to this way of eating can get very discouraged or overwhelmed at the beginning due to the amount of information being thrown their way. This account simplifies the concepts and lays out a lot of information for the masses. There are many recipes for keto versions of comfort food and tips on how to order fast food, the keto way. If you are just starting keto or know someone who could use some guidelines, this is just a highly recommended resource.

Below are some examples of the helpful content that can be found on this account:

Photo Credit: @ketohackershop – Instagram