Morning Skincare Routine

We have a lot of people inquiring about our skincare routine and complimenting on our skin (thank you) so I thought it be easier to have everything I use in one post. 

I use to have 1000 products in my routine thinking it will guarantee good skin but once I paid attention to the quality of ingredients I eliminated all of the unnecessary steps. I also was applying things in the wrong order…oops but hey, my failures are learning lessons for your success.

Here is a nice diagram I found online on the basic steps on how to layer your products and what you need.

I try to be consistent with both AM/PM routines but ya know my laziness gets the best of me sometimes. If I happen to fall asleep in my makeup (huge NO-NO) I would add double cleansing in the morning.

If I followed my own directions the night before then this is my daily AM skincare routine: 

1. Cleanse/Rinse: I have dry skin so I do not use a cleanser in the morning. I wish I knew this tip sooner because I was essentially drying out my skin more by cleansing in AM/PM. Now, I gently rinse with warm water and pat dry.

2. Toner: I like to be efficient and having multi use products. Discovering  Laneige Cream Skin toner was a dream come true. I apply the toner on a cotton pad and wipe my face down. This feels amazing on the skin and doesn’t feel like I’m stripping my skin. 

3. Essence: After using Laneige Cream Skin toner , I honestly didn’t feel the need for using an essence which saves another step and money! But if you wanted to add one, I enjoyed FRESH Kombucha Antioxidant Facial Treatment Essence

4. Serums: Vitamin C is a must have ingredient in any serum you use. It helps with uneven skin tone, rough texture, fine lines, scars, and just gives you a GLOWWWW. I’m on my second bottle of La Roche-Posay Vitamin C Face Serum 

5. Eye Cream: This step is also unnecessary if you use a good moisturizer but because my skin is dryer than the desert I like applying eye cream during the day. I gently pat in Kiehl’s Avocado Eye treatment under my eyes, on my eyelids, and on my laugh lines. You just need a tiny amount and applying this gives my Vitamin C serum time to soak in.

6. Moisturizer: My moisturizer graveyard is ridiculous and shameful. I have purchased and tried out so many before I found my go-to ride or dies. I want something that gives me a hydrating glow, but not too glow-y that I look sweaty. Something that is richer in texture but doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. Thank you psoriasis for making me become a picky bish lol. My ride or dies for the past 2 years: Tatcha The Dewy Skin Cream and La Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream 

7. SPF!!!!!!!! If I could only choose one morning skincare product it would be SPF. Without using SPF the rest of the products are pointless. You need SPF even if you’re driving to the store quick. Get into the habit of applying SPF in the morning like how you brush your teeth. SPF is essential to protect your skin, prevent wrinkles, sun damage, etc. We are spending all of this time and money on skincare products but if you don’t wear SPF you are just wasting your efforts. 

I had a hard time finding SPF products that wouldn’t irritate my psoriasis on my face, even the “sensitive” ones would sting my skin.  It has also been hard finding a sunscreen that didn’t effect my makeup foundation color. Currently, i’m on my third bottle of Krave Beauty- The Beet Shield and never looked back. I love how it moisturizes the skin, truly is undetectable, and DOESN’T STING. I apply a generous amount to my face and use what I have leftover in my palm to rub in my neck, chest and hands.  For my no makeup days I also love Glowscreen Sunscreen to protect my skin and give me that fresh faced look . 

8. Bonus: Once a week I shave my face (weird, I know) and exfoliate my face and body. I use this Women’s Disposable Razor to shave my hairy face. This helps brighten up my complexion and remove texture to keep my makeup looking smooth. I use to wax but it was ummmmm painful. Shaving is painless, cost effective and way easier. 

Then I exfoliate my body with Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub and use ExfoliKate for my face. 

DIY Mask Chain

If you’re going to wear a mask – make it fashion. This one is also a functional solution for those of you run around a lot and find yourself taking your mask on and off between locations and activities. I personally love my mask chain because there have been so many instances when my mask has dropped to the ground when I eat or drink LOL.

I’ve been seeing a lot of articles about mask chains lately and after browsing several online shops and even purchasing a few on Amazon, I realized I could easily make my own.

To make your mask chain you need three things:

  1. Chain of choice. Craft stores carry a variety of chains in spools and individual styles. Look for them in the jewelry section.
  2. Lobster Clasp. Most chains will come with at least one, especially if you are using a necklace as your chain but you will need two for your mask.
  3. Split Rings. Think of these as adapters for your chains and lobster clasps. These connect the two seamlessly.

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Here are the steps to make your chain mask:

  1. Take a lobster clasp and connect it to a split ring.
  2. Connect the split ring with lobster clasp to each end of the chain.
  3. Clasp each end of the chain onto the ear loop of your mask.
  4. Happy social distancing and stay safe!

*pro-tip, if you have extra costume jewelry or chains in your vanity, this is a great way to give it new life.


Hair Journey

If you’re like me who cries at every 1inch hair trim then you know the feeling when you brush your hair and find it shedding CLUMPS. Once I noticed my hair wouldn’t stop shedding I immediately dove into the internet and found a hair routine to stick to.

Below is a list of items and tips I’ve been using to help me achieve the locks of my dreams:

1. Supplements! 

Viviscal and Collagen has been my go to on tackling my hair shedding and promoting hair growth. You can find them


2. Washing your hair

Working in the restaurant industry I would leave with an aroma of oil and grease…LOL so the thought of not washing my hair daily use to freak me out. Turns out its best to NOT wash your hair daily so that your scalp is not stripped from natural oils. Luckily, I do not work in the Resturant industry anymore and feel comfortable on stretching out my washes. I noticed my hair felt more soft and not as brittle as before. 


Ok, I’m boujee and I know it. I’m the type that needs all the bells and whistles when I’m laser focused on something. The coveted Mason Pearson hair brush is meant to stimulate circulation, bring blood flow to the scalp, and in turn promote healthy hair growth. Does it work? Not sure yet, but it feels oh so goooooood and makes me want to take care of my hair. The average price for this brush is around $250 but we found an amazing dupe for $40 Here