Easter Charcuterie

Brunch is always one of the first things that comes to mind when we think of Easter festivities. We love these types of boards because they are so easy create, include tons of options for keto & non-keto peeps, and is an easy way to use the odds n ends from your pantry and fridge.

Here are some tips and tricks for an on-point charKETOrie:

  1. Start with a good dip – we anchor our boards around dips. For this board, we chose a cucumber dill yogurt dip. Light, fresh, and low on calories and carbs.
  2. Quail eggs – on theme, super cute, and easy to eat. We purchase ours pre-cooked in the cans, rinse them, and then have sauces available to dip them in. We personally like good ole salt n pepper, but everything but the bagel seasoning is great to toss them in.
  3. Radishes, mini peppers, broccoli, cucumbers, and sugar snap peas are your friend. These are low in carbs and are a great alternative to carrots.
  4. Cheese crisps are perfect cracker alternatives. We use the Parmesan crisps from Target.
  5. Two hard, two soft – cheeses that is. Cheddar, provolone, and goat cheeses are perfect to munch on and add a good balance to the neutral taste of the crudite items.
  6. Nuts, nuts, and more nuts. These are the perfect items to scatter on your board to fill the gaps. Pistachios are an easy choice, cause who doesn’t love pistachios?
  7. Herbs – a beautiful and fragrant way to jazz things up aesthetically.
  8. COLOR & Textures – the key to a beautiful board. Since flowers are so cheap during the spring time, we like to add a few here and there for a good pop! We like to choose veggies that vary in colors to mix it up. We sprinkled dried raspberries and pomegranate seeds to tie everything together.
  9. Cured meats are life. These hold up well without refrigeration and are perfect with cheese and nuts. We like prosciutto and salami – cheap, easy, crowd favorites.
  10. Asymmetry is A-OK – we love the look of an imperfect board because you don’t have to stay within the lines and can be creative with your color combos!

There are so many ways to piece together a beautiful board for your Easter brunch. We hope this one can give you some inspo!

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