Hair Journey


If you’re like me who cries at every 1inch hair trim then you know the feeling when you brush your hair and find it shedding CLUMPS. Once I noticed my hair wouldn’t stop shedding I immediately dove into the internet and found a hair routine to stick to.

Below is a list of items and tips I’ve been using to help me achieve the locks of my dreams:

1. Supplements! 

Viviscal and Collagen has been my go to on tackling my hair shedding and promoting hair growth. You can find them


2. Washing your hair

Working in the restaurant industry I would leave with an aroma of oil and grease…LOL so the thought of not washing my hair daily use to freak me out. Turns out its best to NOT wash your hair daily so that your scalp is not stripped from natural oils. Luckily, I do not work in the Resturant industry anymore and feel comfortable on stretching out my washes. I noticed my hair felt more soft and not as brittle as before. 


Ok, I’m boujee and I know it. I’m the type that needs all the bells and whistles when I’m laser focused on something. The coveted Mason Pearson hair brush is meant to stimulate circulation, bring blood flow to the scalp, and in turn promote healthy hair growth. Does it work? Not sure yet, but it feels oh so goooooood and makes me want to take care of my hair. The average price for this brush is around $250 but we found an amazing dupe for $40 Here



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