4 Day Eggfast + 2 Day Transition Results

4 day egg fast + 2 day transition. Total lost: 7lbs 🌟

Why I did the #eggfast : For the last month I was traveling every week but stayed on plan and actually lost weight. I hit my lowest of 192lbs in Vegas and was sooo excited!!🎉 But when I came home my body decided it wanted to be on vacation still and started to ACT A FOOL 😒

That just goes to show you that even if you’re “on plan” and your macros are on point…your body is gonna do what it wants sometimes. I was so bloated, tired, my keto mojo numbers were wack and my psoriasis was flaring up badly. I thought “F❌⁉️ it” let me just cheat and eat all the carbs since I gained weight being good anyways 🤦🏻‍♀️ but I slapped myself back into reality, and decided to do the egg fast because I wanted to break the cycle and didn’t want to revert back to old bad habits. I’m happy I lost the bloat and feeling back to normal! 🌟

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