Low Carb Asian Swaps

Yes, we most definitely still enjoy asian food! Check out our list of keto/low carb product swaps!

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Egg Roll Wrappers


Use KETOBAES to save some $ if you’re a first time customer.

Soy Sauce Alternative


Aminos are made from coconut and have a slightly coconut aroma but are pretty close to soy sauce vibes.

Chicken Granule Replacement


Add this with some sweetener, salt, and garlic so you’ll have some umami flavor – you can also blend in some mushroom seasoning to take it next level.

Cornstarch for Frying Replacement


Dredge whatever protein you’re looking to crisp up and this works perfectly – you can also add an egg to make more of a batter once you fry it.

Panko Bread Crumb Replacement


Use Pork panko the same way you would use panko bread crumbs!

Super Clean Fish Sauce


We use fish sauce in our daily cooking – this one is super clean.

Sugar Replacement


We’ve permanently replaced real sugar with monk fruit sweetener because it measures the same as sugar – if you want to caramelize something, we suggest using brown swerve or allulose.

Cleaner Teriyaki Sauce


Similar vibes as the coconut aminos but more ingredients to make it a thicker sauce.

Spring Roll Wrapper Alternative


If you’re sick of lettuce wraps and want something sturdier for meal prep – try these. Heads up! Don’t fry these – use them like you would use rice paper for fresh spring rolls.

Bean Thread Noodle Dupes


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